Which sunglasses are those?

  1. are these both the same?

    and does anyone know the model number please:girlsigh: THANKS
    ashley-tisdale-maui-02.jpg 82226509_o.jpg
  2. If ANYONE can tell me how much they retail for as well. I would really appreciate it. thanks again
  3. They're 6018.
    I tried them on the other day at Solstice.
    I think they're around $375
  4. The first pair on the girl looks like the MOP 5076
  5. i think they are around 335. you'll def want to try them on first, they are a hard fit.

  6. Lovely sunnies....i saw this posted on celebs w/bag thread.....:smile:
  7. Yes they are lovely, im hoping to get them soon eventhough its about 30 degrees here with snow soon arriving. hehe
  8. Sinny, just wanted to say nice photo of Ms. Golightly! You must have great taste! (Of course you do, you're on the Chanel forum.) :smile:
  9. Why thank you, im sure you got great taste as well. Our Photos say it all[​IMG]
  10. they're the 6018 and they retail for $350.
    if you have a narrow face, it works really well for that type of sunglasses. comes in black, tortoise, bordeaux, and olive green [at Nordstroms].
  11. I have a round face. So hope it looks fine!
  12. Pretty!
  13. If it's possible, u shld try on the sunnies...in case it doesn't suit your face...:smile: