Which Suhali bag?


Can't afford to get more than one, so please choose one of the following:

  1. Le Talentueux Blue

  2. Le Talentueux Geranium

  3. L'epanoui GM White

  4. L'ingenieux PM Blue

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I am thinking about getting a Suhali bag before I put myself on a long ban this year. Please vote on which Suhali bag you like the best. :flowers:
    Le Talentueux Blue.JPG Le Talentueux Geranium.JPG L'epanoui GM White.jpg L'ingenieux PM Blue.JPG
  2. Defn the Le Tal Geranium. I tried it on and gosh, the colour and the style of the Le Tal goes really really well together!
  3. I would get a Le Tal in Geranium... it's SUCH a gorgeous color.
  4. The price tag on the Ingenieux PM is incorrect. It does retail for more than $2800
  5. I took the picture from the France site, so it is showing price in Euro.
  6. I chose the L'ingenieux PM Blue. I like the look of it.
  7. Le Tal in any color!!
  8. I saw your pic with your Black Le Tal. It looks gorgeous on you. :yes:
  9. The L'Ingenieux is my fave Suhali ;)
  10. l'ingenieux!
  11. La Tal in Geranium!! I LOVE that color!
  12. talenteux! in geranium!
    i loooooove that color! it reminds me of delicious blood oranges!
  13. i say go big...get the l'epanoui!!! it's sooo classy!
  14. Blue Le Tal!
  15. I have two of your choices and I prefer the LOCKIT PM as I use that one the most ... it not as heavy and doesn't have too much hardware either .. go the lockit:wlae: