Which suede bootie should I get?


Which bootie should I get?

  1. Get the black, it's classic

  2. Go for the grey, it's a great color for this fall

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  1. Hi ladies, I really like these booties, and they're cheap for another 2 days, just not sure which color to get. I'm thinking that the charcoal would be the most neutral and go with a lot (I wear jeans a lot in the fall), but the black is so pretty. I tried them on at the store and they are super comfy. I don't want to get both because I like variety. What do you think?

  2. wow. tough decision because they are both so cute! If the gray goes with your wardrobe maybe gray because it's different.
  3. I'm boring and voting for the classic. lol Great price by the way! :smile:
  4. I say go with the grey. You can always find a black pair anywhere.
  5. I think grey is a cool color to get, and a perfect alternative to black or even dark brown shoes.
  6. I vote for black because it's more classic.