Which subway do I take to get to the Wall Street store?

  1. If I'm getting on at hunter College or he N/R at 59/Lex, which line will take me closest to the Wall Street store? Has anyone been there this week? Are the pickin's good?
  2. You can take the 4/5 from 59th + Lex to Wall St. That's probably the easiest way.
  3. 4/5 is good - but for future reference, check out hopstop.com - it will get you anywhere on the subway.
    If you dont want to change lines, you can also take the R or W to Rector I believe, and walk about six (short) blocks - or get off earlier at City Hall and its about ten blocks.
  4. take the 4, 5 or 6 to wall st
  6. The pickings are excellent if you get there early...when the doors open. They have Birkin shipments everyday.
  7. Orange 30 Ostrich was there on Friday.
  8. Really?:wtf::wtf::wtf: My God! Was it with P/HW or G/HW???
  9. Jedimaster: Thanks for the stophop site!!!!! I am so mad--the colorist was late (MUST cover those, um, gray hairs:shame:smile:, which threw off my day. I had to make a 4:25 train, which I ended up missing, so I didn't have time to get down to Wall Street!!:cursing: Since my salon is at 57/Lex, I trotted over to Madison Avenue, and had to wait @20 minutes for my SA to finish with another client. There were NO bags I was interested in!! I have a feeling Wall Street must get a better selection. I did manage to get 4 other things which should make it AZ by early next week. I was really hoping to lay my hands on an etoupe Lindy or 32 HAC, or the same bags in Rouge H. I've never been to the Wall Street store, but from everyone's comments, it sounds better stocked than Madison. We won't be back east till November or December, either:crybaby:!!!! Thanks again everyone!!!
  10. I would not say its better stocked, but differently stocked - its a much smaller store and they have more conservative bags (which is what many people are after, of course, particularly in this part of town).
  11. It was palladium. :yes:

  12. More ties than Madison, less travel Birkins, Cocoan/Havanne Kelly too.
  13. I was blown away by the sheer number of bags at Wall Street today at like 2PM. OMG! Ostrich everywhere!
  14. Cynthia: That's about the time I would/should have been there! Were there any Lindys? Any 32 HAC's?
  15. Thank you so much!:sweatdrop::sweatdrop::sweatdrop: