Which subforums do you frequent most and least?

  1. For me, it's General Discussion and the Chanel subforum! I never go into Chloe, Fendi or Balenciaga.

  2. Louis Vuitton and General mostly.
  3. Chanel, LV, and Deals & Steals
  4. Celebrity, General, LV and COACH..
  5. Chanel Is My Favorite With Hermes Right Behind. I Also Like General Discussion & The General Handbag Section. I Really Like The New Additions: The Jewel Box, The Glass Slipper...I'm Starting To Really Like Gucci (Though I Have Always Loved Gucci Bags!).......Whereas LV: I Loved...It's Not The Same.......I Walked Right By Louis Vuitton Today ~ With No Desire To Go In. :sad:
  6. General, LV, Balenciaga, Steals/Deals the most.

    I never venture into Birkin (PHH would kill me if I developed that habit!) and very rarely into Gucci, Chanel, or Chloe.

    Edit: I meant Hermes not Birkin lol
  7. general, celeb, chanel, LV, and deals and steals
  8. I should say that I really like the new additions...and I can see myself frequenting Coach, & jewerly subforums.
  9. me too!:yes:
    But usually when I log on I click "New Posts" on one of the top 'bars' so I don't miss anything!
  10. Hermes!
  11. i'm always in LV, Balenciaga... sometimes in Chanel, General, Shoe... yeah thats about it
  12. Top forums are general discussion, fendi, and gucci

    Least visited forums are balenciaga and chanel.
  13. General Discussion, LV and I've recently started frequenting Chanel too :shame:
  14. frequently: general discussion, the new makeup one (yay!), LV, celeb, jewelry box.

    will check if there's no new posts in any of the above: chanel, hermes, handbags and purses, fitness, bag showcase.

    almost never click on: the rest of the handbag sub forums, shoes, authenticate this, deals and steals. i don't want to shop more than i already do. :smile:

    (hehe. i opened a new browser with the main tPF index page to check what all the forums were. how lame am i?)
  15. I usually go general, celebrity, beauty, diet and health, chanel, lv and gucci.

    I don't check out all the rest of it.