Which styles should i get?

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  1. It seems like almost everyone has got the city! :heart:The other bbags styles are also looking good. I need help in deciding which ones to get. :confused1:
  2. I chose to get the city for my first bag as it seemed like a great "medium" size to start with which seemed very logical to me. I have since purchased a Twiggy as my second bag. I love both styles. Even though it has yet to arrive, I have a part time coming in the mail, I think ultimately, that will be the best style for me as it is larger and longer than the city with a slightly longer strap, kind of like a marriage between the City and Twiggy. The first/classique is so cute, but I fear I may never own one b/c it is too small for my needs. Later on, I will add a Work to my collection with the new fall colors.... I like the look and size of the work, it is large, then the Weekender is even bigger! I do not have a Day, Hobo, Brief, or Courier. I am sure someone else will be along shortly! I hope that was remotely helpful even though I am pretty new. I guess if you can say whether you carry a lot or a little in your bag and if you want a strap or not, that would be a good way to start making your desicion! Welcome to tPF, it is a wonderful place!
  3. WELCOME :yahoo: I'd suggest you go and try out the styles before purchasing, if possible. Also, consider your needs, what goes into your bag, how do you use your bag, etc.

    Good luck ;)
  4. ^ I agree. There are sooo many different styles - it really depends on how much you carry, whether you prefer large or small bags, shoulder or hand-held, etc.

    If you give us a little more info about your preferences, I'm sure you will get lots of helpful suggestions.
  5. Is the First really that small? I am saving my pennys to buy a bbag, but I thought the City would be too big, but it sounds like that is a better size for an everyday bag am I correct? I carry a long wallet, checkbook, make up case, sidekick...that's pretty much it.

  6. I agree with the others, check them out and see what styles would fit your daily need.

    I dont think the first is as small as people think, it does have a lot of room. But if you carry a make up bag or any "extras", you might not have room in the first.

    I have a mini twiggy and I can fit my cell, keys, wallet (checkbook), small make up bag and little planner. It is pretty roomy.
  7. I love my first, I carry about the same amount of stuff as you. But I have recently really liked the size of the twiggy better, I don't have to negotiate the space in the bag so much, I can just throw things in. The City is also a great size - there must be a reason it is so popular!
  8. Oh how hard it is! Work was my first bag, and then I got 4 cities! BUT - work is the one I carry most often!! Cities probably would be the best 1st choice - if you carry an average amount (my heck - what's an average amount!!! :confused1:) See how hard it is!!!
  9. my first bag is a city too! and i've been carrying it almost everyday ever since! the first is a tad too small for everyday use in my opinion, but besides what you carry everyday, it also matters how tall are you etc, first looks kind of small on me whereas the city looks like the perfect size! i'd love to try out twiggy,day and the work as well, but where i'm staying, i don't get to see these styles in real life, even in the stores, cos it's always sold out!!:cursing: and it doesn't make sense to buy a bag without even trying on the size at least:Push: good luck!
  10. check out the Pictures thread, located above. almost every style, even the collectors items like aviator, are shown in that thread. i think people even put in their height, so you can see how different bags fit on different bodies.

    i have the Day, City, Courier, Work and a clutch and i love and use all of them! i've always been a little nervous getting a First, because it seems so small and it's still 995! but i know some other tPFers can put a lot of stuff in there.

    good luck and tell us what you decided!:yes:
  11. Normally i just carry my wallet, cells and keys in my bag. i also need something for school, but usually it's just a file i do like really big bags so i can stuff everything in while i go shopping. but i've got so many already. am thinking of getting the part-time!
  12. It's so hard to try out in the stores coz there's only one shop carry balenciaga in melbourne and they are really limited. Not to mention that the sales assistance really bad manners. I could order it from perth, but i wont be able to see the colours in real life! and they only bring in 2 of each colours.
  13. I agree with allyboobop, it is HARD... these bags are so pricy that one can not really afford to make the "wrong" choice. I started with a Part Time because I love the look of Cities but prefer bigger bags, then I got a Purse, then a Work, then the Weekender MONSTER :P It's a progression from big, bigger to biggest :nuts: