Which styles of the new Denim Stripe have the...


Mar 23, 2007
legacy lining?

I think this might be my next bag. I love the striped lining. Does the shoulder tote have it? And why isn't that one on Coach.com?


Then this shoulder tote from eBay:


BUT that one doesn't have the legacy lining!

Is it only the tote that has the striped lining?

And has anyone had any problems with these denim bags? Rub off etc?

The dimensions don't seem very big.. Can you fit lots of things in it and how well does it fit on your shoulder?

I really like the shoulder tote style.

Are all the styles at the store or are some only dept. store styles?



Mar 29, 2007
From what I've seen in the stores, the shoulder totes have the legacy lining but they didn't use it in the denim shoulder tote, the satchel or the demis. They did use it in the large cosmetic cases, though..

They're really pretty bags, and the large ones hold A LOT of stuff. Here's a pic to show you what its like. I know some other tpf ladies have the smaller tote, which still holds quite a bit...

Hope this helps!


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Mar 28, 2007
I've had mine for just over a week... I love it! Haven't had any issues with transfer... I usually go for the Shoulder Totes but I too loved the legacy stripe lining.. I went to the store to make sure all my stuff fit in it before I spent the $ & was pleased with the size. It fit my a cosmetic bag, my Soho Card Case, Soho Mini Wallet, Sunglass Case & Wristlet with no problem.


Mar 23, 2007
Here ya go. Again please ignore the junky-ness of the purse. :nogood:

Thanks so much. I'm debating over the smaller one vs. the larger one like TejasMama has.

Can you fit the smaller one nicely on the shoulder? Or do you have to carry it in hand?

I like the lining because it is bright and I won't be digging in a black hole. LOL. I hate that it doesn't have any top zip or anything!

Thanks for the pics!