Which styles of Chanel tend to go on sale?

  1. I'm new to Chanel, and am interested in starting off with a classic flap in caviar (probably white or red since I have too much black) and maybe another tote for work like the Cerf or the Cambon.

    While reading the posts, it seems like some of you have been able to pick up some AMAZING deals at Saks with 40% off, etc... Is that normal? Is that just for really trendy styles like the Cambon reporter, or seasonal colors/materials like tweed and pink? Do the ones I want ever go on sale?

    Just curious if I should try to hold out?? (40% off would allow me to buy 2 bags!! :graucho: )
  2. My Neiman's has had both the Cambons and the Tweeds on sale during their store sale times. I'd probably wait awhile if I were you...there was just a sale going on but I think some stores might still have it going on now? I haven't been to NM for quite awhile so I don't know for sure.
  3. My NM pretty much has no Chanel on sale now.
  4. No sales anymore. They are done. If you find a sale bag now, it's due to a return. Classic bags don't go on sale. However the tweeds and cambons are the ones you see. My Chanel boutique has had the same 3 tweed bags on sale since June.
  5. permanent lines never go onsale, like the 255 flaps, cerf, actually, the price goes up
  6. I've never seen a classic go on sale. Usually just the trendy stuff. However, if you know anyone who works at Saks or Neiman's and they're willing... you can get 30% off!
  7. ^weird info! My BF used to work for NM and said anyone offering a discount gets fired on the spot.
  8. You're right about that. My mother in law works there though so she'll get me one, occasionally, as long as she can borrow it. ;) They do offer friends and family discounts though a couple of times a year.

    Saks, on the other hand, has no problem with this at all.
  9. ^yes, my girlfriend scored a few great items for me during their litle shopping for friends at Christmas period.
    But you said the SA can offer you 30%? It's not true here.
  10. Oops, that's not what I meant, sorry about that. My MIL worked at Saks for years so I was able to get 30% on anything in the store while she worked there and they had no problem with the fact that she was purchasing these items for me. I was even able to use my own credit card for the purchases.

    She now works at NM and they are extremely strict so she has to purchase for me with her own card and I have to pay her in cash privately.

    I meant to say that if you have a friend or family member, who is willing, they can get the 30% off. I doubt a random SA would do this for anyone.
  11. aaaah! Gotcha! ;)
    Yeah, NM is HARDCORE about it!:yes:
    Some of the vendors/designers were generous though.
    I got a Burberry Constance jacket for around $200 because Burberry decided to match NM's discount for 3 days!
    I really like Burberry outerwear!
  12. OT, You know I find it interesting that employees of NM and Saks get 30 percent off, while Target and Walmart employees only get 10 percent off.
  13. Totally OT on this thread, but that's a kick-a$$ deal! I have a Burberry fitted quilted one too, but got the style with the mandarin collar and I love it, but it wasn't anywhere as cheap as yours - lucky!

    Thanks for the info - looks like the ones I want won't go on sale, so I might as well try to pick one up before the prices go up :P
  14. Yeah, NM is hardcore. It's a shame because the prices are so much more than the real value and they'd still be making a hefty profit when they discount their merchandise whether it be to the employees or their families. I'd surely buy every single piece of my wardrobe from them if I was able to get the discount!

    I love Burberry outerwear too! I'm not familiar with the Constance jacket, probably because I'm not familiar with the names of anything, lol, but I'd love to see it. I just got a Chanel coat last year so, unfortunately, I won't be buying any coats anytime soon. :smile:
  15. OT - the Constance jacket is like their barn jacket. The quilted one w/ nova lining.