Which styles by Coach are heavy?

  1. I am just wondering because i wanna get a feel of whether a style or type of bag is heavy or not. I know there was a similar thread to this stating that Coach should list weight of the bag on their site. However because the coach doesn't have the weight, i want to know on your experience, what kinda of bags styles are heavy? I think the leigh signature is heavy? what about others?

    thanks for your input on this. :smile:
  2. Typically leather will be heavier than signature. Most of the Legacy bags IMO are heavy, speaking for the ones I own which are Mandy, Lily, '06 satchel, Ali, and legacy slim tote. I also own the Miranda and that bag is heavy. But since I like big heavy bags, doesn't bother me a bit.

    I haven't tried on the Leigh yet so don't know about her weight, but lots of people on here own her so I'm sure they'll post. Great choice! I'm wating for the Leigh to come out in clay and then she'll be mine!
  3. The large Carlys are heavier because of the hardware. I have the large leather Carly and it's really heavy, but I don't care! :heart:
  4. I own only legacy with the exception of my Mirandas and OMG they are heavy....But I love those heavy leather bags, I am addicted to the striped interior lining. But in my opinion if weight is an issue, stay away from those leather and brass legacy bags. Hope this bit of info helps.
  5. The ergo line is very light, and I think most of the signature bags without a lot of hardware are relatively light. I have a medium leather Carly and it's not too heavy, but it's not really what I would call light either.
  6. The ergos are light and so are the soho's IMO
    But I have two of the small scribble hobos, and they're fairly heavy, just because of that hardware- they have the dogleash brass closure like carlys
  7. I have weighed two of my Coach bags empty and here is the stats:

    Ergo Vintage leather tote (the one in my Avatar) 3 lbs. 11 oz
    LEgacy Signature Shoulder Bag (still in the website) 3 lbs 8 oz

    Hope that helps!
  8. YES!!!!! The ERGO line is VERY light! This is the lightest bag I have EVER carried and I own alot of bags! :graucho: Trust me....you can take this bag shopping for HOURS and you will NOT know she is on your shoulder.........at all!!!!!!!!
  9. I hear denim bags are imfamously(?) heavy for the thick fabric, esp. on Carlys. Swingpacks are pretty light, at least the sig. stripe one is.