Which style?


Which style?

  1. Campana

  2. Veneta

  3. Sloane

  4. Ball/New Ball

  5. Montaigne

  6. Pyramid

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Not sure if there was a similar thread before. I would like to see which style gets the most votes! ;)
  2. I'm guessing you mean our favorite style? That's tough to choose just one!
  3. I'm going with the Veneta. Plus, there's no Cabat option! :p
  4. How about the Roma????
  5. i voted veneta! hands down the very chic feminin all time style!
  6. I'm a campana girl! I would love to get another one! :yes:
  7. it's too difficult. most of us here serious BV addicts and it's just too hard for us to choose one...
  8. For me the veneta is the perfect all around bag although I love all the others too and I'm really wanting a pyramid now.
  9. I love the veneta and campana but voted for the veneta in the poll! :love:
  10. campana for me.:girlsigh:
  11. If I could only have one (horrors!!:sad:) it would be the Veneta. But I love so many others, it's hypothetical. I intend to have more than one!
  12. Wow! Tough question!:push:

    I love the Ball, the Campana and the Sloane but I went for Sloane in this poll :love:
  13. I love all of them, but chose Veneta coz it's the most classic out of all.
  14. Campana all the way!
  15. Veneta for me. Every time I carry another bag I go straight back to my veneta. Other brand bags are so heavy!!!