Which style works well for a small cosmetics bag?

  1. Please advise.....I've looked through the reference photos and am still having a hard time figuring out which style works well for a few lipsticks, small hand lotion, etc. to go inside larger bag. Thanks in advance!
  2. karo PM or GM
    i have been seeing around that it has been "discountinued" but i would try anyways

    vhatelse...BeBop perhaps?

    i like the karo, the design is classic and simple but the BeBop is a more casual approach.
  3. PM Karo or small Be-bop. My SA says the karo is not discontinued.
  4. i saw PM karo would be the best choice :supacool:

    (my bad - i thought i saw people talking about it's end)
  5. Thank you - I'll begin my search!
  6. jaegerhomme posted a picture on his Flickr album of a fabulous Bolide grey felt cosmetics bag with red piping .... it's amazing. I hope he doesn't mind if I post a link to the photo: