Which style tomato do you prefer?


Which style tomoato do you prefer?

  1. City RH

  2. Day RH

  3. Day SGH

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. City RH, Day RH or Day SGH? I'm not even sure that the tomato Day SGH will be available, I haven't seen any and BalNY said they were sold out.
  2. I think that a nice sloucy tomato day would be gorgeous. I have voted for the RH as I like to have tassels with this style of bag.
  3. Sorry this one is not in your list but i prefer Tomato in the First style.:tup:
  4. I voted for the RH City and I also agree with Nanaz on the First..........both of these are gorgeous! Remember that pic of tooshies yummy tomato city.........mmmmmm.:tup::heart:
  5. I vote for the City RH, coz the color is gorgeous and bright enough to stand on its own and dont need GH to take away from its beauty!
  6. I am biased but I LOVE LOVE the tomato first!!
  7. I know the First is really really cute, but I sold mine since it was too small for me. That's why I'm leaning towards a city or day. I have two cities and two days, so this is a tiebreaker, lol. I think the city is cuter lookswise but the day is more comfortable to carry and unzip. I give up!
  8. I saw a city sith SGH at Barneys Chicago this summer - OMG!!!!! It was stunning!!!!! I love the day, so I voted the day with sgh!!!!!!
  9. The city is really stunning in this color...
  10. I like the Day RH.:tup:
  11. My vote went to the day in SGH. I've seen the partime and a city with this combo and I love it! From my sources, the day with SGH hasn't come in yet, but is due to arrive anytime. I'm on the wait list for it. I'll call BALNY again this coming week to get an update.

    Ohhh Tooshies city in RH...is TDF, it's got me rethinking what I want in the tomato. The leather on that bbag is just STUNNING!
  12. I can't believe the SA at Balny told me they sold out of the tomato Day SGH a while ago.
    Yup, ITA, Tooshies' city is TDF!
  13. RH City is TDF!
  14. Go for the city!!! :tup:
  15. I'd go for the Day, both RH and SGH look great.