Which style to go for??

  1. My apologies if this ends up being a rather long post. :flowers: :shame:

    I called up the CL store yesterday and found out that they still have a 36.5 in the Rolando in leopard patent. I usually wear a 36 in Simples and 35 in VP so it might actually be a bit big for me. The thing is, it's currently on sale for US$360.00 and that's REALLY tempting. They also have the Rolando in suede in electric blue and I believe pink in my size for the same price. Also, they have 1 pair of yellow patent simples 85 in 36 but that is original price.

    I really want a pair of simple 85 or 100 but the new colors that they have in store now are metallic pink, blue, gold and they also have grease white, gray, charcoal and nude.

    In the New Simples they have in Black kid leather and Black Patent (but the New Simples are quite a bit more expensive than the normal Simples)

    In the Pigalle 100 they only have yellow satin.

    So far my collection of CL consists of black VP in suede, black kid skin Horatios, gray flats (but those are REALLY uncomfy and prolly won't wear again), Orange strappy 4 inch evening heels (I think they're a really old style...Got them off eBay for US$150 2 years ago).

    The question is: What do I go for? I have a pair of black closed toe 4 inch Miu Mius in patent leather and a pair of black patent Steven Madden mary-janes amongst others that I wear clubbing so do I really need more black? I also recently purchased a pair of dark red patent Jimmy Choo sandals (3 inches) so I guess I can stay away from dark red for awhile.
    I want something that is different from my current shoes and will be comfortable enough and versatile enough to wear a lot. Sorry my post is so long and complicated! Any feedback will be greatly appreciated! Thanks! :heart:
  2. Electric blue Rolandos!!!!!!!!!! That's my HG shoe.
  3. Oh my god!!! Go for the Rolandos in electric blue!!! or even the pink!!! I love this shoe!!! and for 360, even better!!!

    ps Which CL store did you call? :graucho::graucho: (I'd love to get my hands on a pair of pink rolandos!!!, but don't worry I'm a 39!)
  4. Rolando in leopard PATENT? Are you sure it's not the Rolande (slingback)? I've never seen or heard of a Rolando produced in leopard patent, only leopard pony hair (two types of leopard print pony hair so far). Would love to see what the leopard patent Rolando looks like!! Is this the CL boutique in Hong Kong?

  5. Yes, the store I called is the CL boutique in Hong Kong. Perhaps I remembered wrong and she said Rolando TIGER print in Patent and not LEOPARD. If that's the case then it would be this shoe:

    [​IMG] (borrowed from eBay)

    I like the idea of Electric Blue Rolandos but how comfy are they? Also, I don't know if I want another pair of suede CL's (already have suede VP's in black)

    Thanks for the speedy responses!

  6. I live in Hong Kong so that's the boutique I called. If you want to try, their number is 852-2118-0016. Thanks for your input!
  7. ^^^something that would have been nice to know. My EB rolandos came from Hong Kong. I'm not complaining though b/c it's like retail plus tax what I ended up paying and that's what I was going to do when BG had them until an Ebayer beat me to them. LOL

    I say EB rolandos! And, fuchsia too if you can swing it!

    Do you know if they ship to the US for future reference? Do they have a store email?
  8. Electric Blue all the way! Asha has some electric blue CL's and they look awesome on her.
  9. I really think the EB rolandos sound great but I really wonder if these are easy to walk in, what's the heel hight ?
    I have the ariella talon which basically is the rolando cut as a bootie and they are really hard to walk in 130 ...now the rolando heel doesn't look that high , don't get the tiger if it really will be too big I think you will regret it.

    Now I really like the 100 simples and I think they will be wonderful in nude patent.
  10. Yeah, I'm going to vote again and say my second vote goes to the nude simple pumps, 100mm.
  11. Electric blue Rolandos or the nude Simples get my vote. EB Rolandos for that "Wow!" factor, and the nude Simples for a classy wardrobe staple.

  12. Sorry Asha, I don't know if they have an email or not but feel free to call them! The store manager, Alexandra is very helpful! The store hours are from 11-8pm Hong Kong time..which is about 12 hours ahead difference from New York if there's no daylight saving or 13 hours ahead if there is.

    Thanks so much for all the feedback! Your input really means a lot to me because I'm terrible at making decisions especially when it comes to SHOES! :p (I mean really, who can choose just ONE?)

    Perhaps I will get the EB Rolandos AND nude Simples. It's Chinese New Year now so all the stores are closed today. They re-open tomorrow so we'll see what happens... :angel:

    Thanks again for all your help!