Which style to get? and how to clean?

  1. Hey guys =) I'm new...I just joined specificially for the tokidoki forum, lol

    I'm obsessed with tokidoki, but unfortunately I'm a poor student, so I can't afford much of it...I have a campeggio in paradisco (my BABY!:heart: ) and a cactus friends necklace, and that's it, thus far

    I'm looking to add to my toki collection (yay southhampton outlet!) but I'm torn as to what style to get...my campeggio is too big, but I think anything smaller than zucca might be too small for me...

    I typically carry keys, cell (razr), 30 gig ipod with bulky rubber cover, semi large wallet, sometimes a make up case and mini waterbottle, and sometimes a camera (plus various odds and ends like lipbalm, purse spray) I was thinking a Gioco?

    it kinda has to be something in stock at the outlet/possibly century 21 (which I can sneak away to this weekend, prob sat.) though, because technically I shouldn't be buying any toki at alll :crybaby:

    Also, is there anywhere to still find the amore print? my mom wants one =P

    and last question, how does one clean paradisco? i tried using oxy clean stain removing spray and i didn't do much...I've heard clear dishwashing liquid? but i'm afraid that might be too harsh...
  2. i love my zucca, i'm getting a bambinone tomorrow it seems to be a roomy bag although smaller and i carry about the same amount as you so I think it'll be okay!

    I have a bv but the same isn't great, i don't think i'll purchase any more of those.
  3. you can probably still find lamore in dept. stores like macys and Nordstrom. just give your local stores a call and see what they've got. you can also try Pulsestl.com, thats where alot of us got our lamore from.
  4. If you're in NY .. Macy's Herald Square still has l'amore in stock. They also have fumo, bianco, pirata, adios star and spiaggia.

    Century 21 as of today had paradiso corrieres, paradiso bellas, paradiso scuolas and citta scuolas ... also 1 citta rosa scuola and lots of arancia zuccas, Mamma Mias and Buon Viaggios.

    I haven't had to clean a bag yet .. so I can't answer that part of your question but I think that snoopa said she used some Wet Ones wipes and that did the trick. (I used some of my Purell to clean a smudge off the leather part of my gioco .. lol) I guess whatever works?
  5. hello and welcome :smile:

    if you like zucca you can try eBay for zucca l*amore!
  6. I think a bambinone or stellina would fit the stuff. Tried putting in a 500mL water bottle in my new bambinone and it fitted, but the bag may get a little crowded. I have a gioco and carry the same things that you do...tons of room. But not need such a big bag for the stuff! For smudges on the leather, I use Danier leather spot cleanser. The dirt comes off really easily.