which style sunglasses you prefer?

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Favorite Sunglasses Style

  1. Cat Eye

  2. Square

  3. I like and have both!

  4. Nope, I prefer other styles...

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Please vote which style sunglasses you prefer or have in your collection: cat eye or square? Or both?
  2. Not a fan of the cat eye on me.. Just looks way too retro on me. I prefer round or aviator.

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  3. Neither suits my face, but it really depends on your own face shape, OP. Have you tried them on?
  4. I have neither, I'm an Aviator girl. :sunnies
    Which style speaks to you more, OP? They're both "throwback" type styles so if that's your thing, rock it!
  5. Cateye all the way!
    The last time cateye was around was in the 90s and it was so hard to find new cateyes since the 90s. So glad its back in, i can stock up before it goes out again.

    Squares make my face look more square which i dont like.
  6. It absolutely depends on your own personal face shape what suits! So I'm not answering this poll because it doesn't make sense :amuse:
  7. neither really suit my face...all of my sunglasses are aviators :smile:
  8. I like slightly squared off cateyes. :P I have a slightly round face so I can't pull off a full cateye.
  9. I'm partial to cat-eye and aviators. =)
  10. I prefer square
  11. I'm oversized aviator type of gal.
  12. Love Dolce &Gabbana Filigrana sunnies
  13. my goodness these are so unique