Which style should I get in Sienna......I need your input.


Which should I get?

  1. Hold out for Sienna Courier.......it's out there somewhere.

  2. Get the Sienna PT, it'll look better with the WE anyway!

  3. Go for the Cinnamon Courier, it'll look the best!

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  1. Well, I've being lusting after something in Sienna for quite some time now but I've been short on funds. So, I finally made the decision to let one of my bags go to fund a new one. I'd like to get a bag to carry along with my Caramel Weekender and up until now, the Courier has been my #1 choice. However, I'm having a really tough time finding it in Sienna so I'm considering other options. What should I do?

    Should I hold out for the Sienna Courier? There's still a few places I have yet to call.

    Or should I get it in the Part-time with RH since I have a Steel Courier anyway?

    My last choice, stick with the Courier but get it in Cinnamon instead.

    Thanks for your input!
  2. I think it might be a good idea to try calling the few more places you can still call to find your Sienna Courier as I think you really want it.

    Then, in case you haven't found one, I guess you might have to ask yourself what you love more:

    the color (Sienna)?--> then the choice would have to be a Sienna RH PT


    the style (Courier)?--> then the choice would probably be a Cinnamon Courier.

    Good luck, sweety, and I hope you find the one you love!:yes::heart:
  3. While I can understand why you want a Sienna Courier, (you'll get so much chewy leather, much more than with any other bbag AND you rock the Courier with so much style) I went with the PT. Reason being that with the PT, you get handles: two of them.

    This being the case, you'll be able to "touch" your bag continuously (at the handles) rather than wearing it across body and only letting your shoulder "touch" the chewy goodness that is Fall 2008.

    I have a Sienna First, and LOVE the feeling it brings me even when I'm just carrying it from point A to B.

    Hm - this is analyzing too much: this I know.

    Anyways, at least get something in Sienna. You won't regret it. Promise.
  4. I say hold out for the Sienna Courier....its got to be out there!!!!
  5. Girlie, first i say try to find your Sienna courier since that is the one you really want. :yes:If you are not successful, i say go for the Sienna PT in the RH. :tup:Do you really need to have two Courier bags?:nuts:
  6. I'm a big advocate of never settling for second best! You want the courier you WILL find it!!! If you buy something else it will always nag you about the courier and you'll eventually buy it LOL!
  7. I agree. The moment a courier pops up you'll want to get it as well as the bag that you 'settled' with.

    Wait :yes:
  8. I say stick with Sienna but since you already have the Steel Courier, get it in the PT :yes:
  9. get the bag you originally wanted. nothing is worse than "settling" and then still lusting after what you wanted from the beginning!
  10. Girlie, would you want to carry the Courier as a handbag when you're carrying the WE as a travel bag/carry on? or are you planning to use it as another travel bag that goes with your Caramel WE?

    If you're thinking to use it as a handbag to go with your WE, getting a PT would be a good idea.

    If you're planning to do the latter, you should call around to locate the Courier.

    I'll wait for your response to vote:yes:
  11. Hi Cracker! I love your Steel Courier, and I think maybe you wouldn't need two Couriers. I picked the Sienna, since the color is gooorgeous and in the PT, b/c it's a great style and would look great as a handbag to your WE as travel bag/carryon luggage. Good luck!
  12. Good question......I plan to use it mainly as a bag to accompany my WE for cosmetics and toiletries, sunglasses, wallet and passport.
  13. It sounds like your heart is set on the courier, so I would try for that first. Although, I think that a PT would serve you well as a bag to accompany your WE.
  14. Sienna Courier! This color is so gorgeous that it deserves to be in a larger size...I've been lusting for a Sienna Weekender ever since seeing it a month ago...but I've been very bad lately...must resist.

    But seriously, Sienna Courier gets my vote! :tup:
  15. HI "T"!!! hmm.... for me I've learnt never to settle for second best... I always wait for what I want/lust after... but I think I would have to ask you, do you love sienna? or do you love the courier style?

    I know its a stupid question but if you love the sienna color then I think its better to get the RH PT (or why not GGH?) for variety/diversity since you dont have a PT anymore... I honestly dont think that the courier style is one which you can have so many of, like the city or work styles... i mean its a humungous bag... supose if you travelled alot then you could justify 2... but if not, then I think your plomb is versatile enough to take everywhere... coz its such a big bag... you might find in future that you dont use one enough to keep it??? JMHO!!!

    good luck!