which style of bag to buy?

  1. Hi, I am in a bit of a confused state so need some help. I went into Harvey Nichols to buy a Hobo/Day bag however they didn;t have any at the moment but they did have a bag they were calling a Medium, it looked similar to the First bag but the handles appeared much longer and it did not have a long shoulder strap. It was also cheaper than a lot of bags that were smaller, £595, which i though strange. Now that I have seen this one I am in a confused state as i don't which one to buy. I really need a bag that fits over my shoulders and this was the reason i wanted the Day bag, however now that i have seen another style that would also fit over the shoulders and i could also carry in my hand i am confused. What are your opinions, which bag is better?
  2. Maybe it was the Purse? It's sort of flat(ish) and has longer handles. I'm tossing up between the Purse and Day in the Blue/Grey colour.

    Which colour are you looking for?
  3. Yes it could be the Purse, it does look similar to the one on the atelier.naf website, I have not seen the style before but they don't have that wide a selection in H.N. in Manchester. I am probably going to buy a black bag, it my first Bal. bag purchase but I do like the Greige, but I know the black would be more functional.
  4. Black is a really great color for your first Bbag. I have had many different colors in my collection, and my black is my all time fav. Looks super and goes with everything, day and night. Good luck on your first Bbag purchase!
  5. yeah, that might be the purse :P
    i have a shopper, and i love it because it had longer handles. twiggy also had longer handles than city or first...
  6. here are my pics with different b-bags on shoulder :
    eggplant is the shopper
    pistachio is the city
    orange is the twiggy
    DSCN1280.jpg DSCN1271.jpg DSCN1364.jpg
  7. thanks for the photos, the bag i saw looks most like the shopper although i don't think it was quite as large, maybe more oblong in shape. I love the pistachio colour.
  8. Such great colors seahorseinstripes, especially the Pistachio.
  9. thanks venning, layla :P
  10. my shopper is worn a lot by me, and i use to carry bunch of stuffs, so it might strecth a bit :P