Which style LV is this?

  1. http://www.e4bag.com/img/banner1.gif

    I know the site sells fakes, but does anyone know the style of LV that's on the far left that's got pink cherry blossom flowers on it, a grey edging looks slightly shiny, has a bow on the front and is a rectangle shape hanging by the model's legs? Sorry for all the description, but I cannot isolate the photo!
  2. Cherry Blossom Satin Amarene Bag
  3. Oh wonderful! I have been trying to find this out for so long, thank you so so much.

    This site is THE best.xx

    Glad you could understand my message! Meant to also ask are they still in production? This lady on eBay *ooh-la-louis* told me they were part of the cruise collection and made from animal fur! Do you know if this is true too?
  4. No, problem. Anytime! : )
  5. No, they're no longer in production; the Satin Amarines are made from satin material and have python trim.
  6. Ah, python that was it.

    Thank you Lvbabydoll.