Which style looks better on me?

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Which looks better on me?

  1. First

  2. Twiggy

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Can you ladies help me?

    Trying to figure out if the First or the Twiggy looks better on me. I personally love the First since it's just right for my daily needs and I love the shoulder strap (without looking like a duffel bag) but I also love the flattering size of the Twiggy and it's slouchy look:P

    So, is it the First or the Twiggy?:graucho:
    First_A.jpg First_B.jpg Twiggy_A.jpg Twiggy_B.jpg
  2. EEp! Is that '05 Turq?

    Both look great on you, but I personally like the shape of the First better so that gets my vote. :yes: It'll come to slouch with wear, anyway.
  3. the first for sure - the twiggy looks as if it's kind of uncomfortable under your arm. both are very pretty, so you can't go wrong with whatever you choose :yes:
  4. The First, the First!! Gorgeous!!!:graucho:
  5. The First :yes:

    I think the Twiggy looks great hand-held, but you're right about it looking like a duffel bag when worn with the strap. So I think if you intend to wear it with the strap then the First is the way to go :jammin:
  6. First - using the shoulder strap!
  7. I like the first! It looks great on you!!!
  8. I like the twiggy - but it may be my own bias since I don't care for the first that much.
  9. Thats a tough one Mishka!!... the both look great on yah. ;)
  10. They both look great on you ... I love that color!
  11. Oh my , They both look so amazing on you! I personally LOVE the First, but go with whichever fits most comfortably. What color Blues are those?
  12. first! twiggy if its handheld
  13. definitely the first. and OMG that 05 turq. it's amazing.
  14. I voted for the First!

    I love the way it slouches when worn by the shoulder strap. Just the right level of slouchiness, not enough to make it look like a duffel bag.
  15. Yes, both are 05 Turq:love: