Which style is your classic Black favourite?


Which Black RH style is more classic?

  1. City RH

  2. Part-Time RH

  3. First RH

  4. Twiggy RH

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Which style is your classic Black favourite? City, Part-time, First or Twiggy?
  2. City for me!
  3. First
  4. I've voted for the Black City even though I haven't got one yet. I've just got a black Twiggy, which is a great bag but I wouldn't consider the style to be classic. Not for me, anyway, since it suits my relaxed, easy-going moods. Others may well wear the Twiggy as a classic, dressing it up with a great outfit.
  5. City for me!
  6. Beautiful, classic black CITY.....every girl should have one!
  7. City!:tup:
  8. i would say work... but its not on your list...
  9. City. LOVE IT.

    ALthough I do like the look a black first too. Always have....
  10. Since you said classic, I said city- though I don't have one! I am a GH kind of girl! Not a classic either, but I still love that hardware best!!!
  11. :heart::heart::heart: my black city! Did I mention I love my black city?:love:
    ... and it's a classic.
  12. ^^ the black first w/RH is my fave!!! :tup:

    p.s. i've got 2 (one from '06 & one from '04)
  13. I love all of them but the black first is my favorite black bbag :love:
  14. love love the black city :smile:

    actually i think the black day is classic too :smile:
  15. city for me. second would be the first.