which style is the most divine with GH?

  1. I only have GH PT :shame: , and thinking to add GH work :yahoo: . Btw, i wanna get some ideas which style looks the best with GH so tht i won't miss out sth gorgeous :graucho: . Which one among city, PT, work, day, new hobo, brief? Why? Opinion plsss:idea: .

  2. I love part time!!!!! i think part time, Brief and office are the best.
  3. I have two cities w/GH - natural and black. I love them both. I think the work also looks amazing with GH - it is next on my list, will probably wait for the silver GH.
  4. i like the brief and new hobo best with GH....maybe in aquamarine or sandstone!! gosh!! they already sound yummy...umm :smile:
  5. I think the city and day look great with GH but the work and part-time are also nice....:p
  6. I like the brief and work the best. I especially love the longer handles on the GH work.
  7. The brief! I am excited to get it in marine (with gold) this month and another one (maybe the white hobo...) this summer in silver -
  8. Brief in marine - I dont think many colours look good with it and the city with GH IMO looks OTT and smaller.
  9. Is it gonna be released this summer??? really??? wowwww i'm eager to c it IRL.:nuts:
  10. well, i personally love PT in GH, already perfect!
  11. Definitely the brief in a neutral color.
  12. I like the brief with GH!
  13. part time in black for sure
  14. I quite like the BRIEF with the G/H... :biggrin: and the CITIES with G/H are slowly growing on me.
  15. I think that the Brief with GH looks fantastic, to the point that a Brief without the GH looks a little plain to me and off-kilter somehow. I am seriously considering getting one and never thought I would go to the GH dark side when they first came out!