Which style is similar to this croc Chanel?

  1. god knows I could NEVER afford this gorgeous $18k croc but can anyone recommend a Chanel style/size that's similar? I love the size and shape of this. Maybe 2.55? :nuts:

  2. No pic, just that evil red X
  3. lol, that is one of my dream bags. it's the reissue 2.55 done up in an amazing crocodile.:love:

    i guess the closest to it would be a bronze reissue in the medium size.
  4. *jennifer* is the medium size the 2.55 - so it would be the bronze w/the gold chain then? I am new to Chanel :smile:
  5. In addition to the bronze re-issue, you might want to wait until the cruise collection hits boutiques as they will have silver, dark silver and gold re-issues. If you do a search, there's pics posted of them.
  6. that is hot*

    well one croc flap = 9 reissues/flaps I think its TDF :smile:
  7. Ooh thanks Molls! That will give me some time to save :nuts:

  8. LOL, I know what you mean ;) .
  9. Oh...my....gosh. That is stunning!!! Too bad I don't have an extra $5k hanging around LOL.
  10. Is it abnormal that the bag makes me literally drool?
  11. Chanel came out with this one this season. It's $5-6K (I can't remember the exact price). It's got the shape, but it's green.

  12. ^ They have that in the dark pink/purple at my Saks . it's quite gorgeous !
  13. Wow, the pink purple sounds gorgeous! I only saw the dark brown/green one. I held it for almost 20 minutes. Finally I had to give it back.

    I see you're in Ohio, the one I shop at, is in Saks in Cinci, you wouldn't happen to have seen it at that one?
  14. ^ No , sorry Beachwood , Ohio . I went to Xavier though and used to live in Cinci .