which style is for sandstone?

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  1. I'm going to buy the sandstone but not sure abt the style.

    Firstly, I thought i would go for GH work. However, when i saw violet pics, i think i would rather buy violet in the work (it would be great if there is silver GH).....so i'm hesitated now.:s I already have GH in this season and i'm thinking whether it'd be better to save money for GH next season. Then, one of my mind said Twiggy in sandstone.

    Would sandstone still be gorgeous in twiggy?:confused1:

    Plsss give me advice...:love:

  2. ohhh i would get it in a twiggy or first! it would be gorrrrgeous
  3. I like this color in the first!
  4. I just got it in the PT.
  5. get the sandstone twiggy and wait for the violet work with silver GH! that'll be hot. :love:
  6. First.:yes:
  7. Yes, Sandstone Twiggy!!!
  8. Gorgeousss...i love the color so much...can't hardly wait for mine...:graucho:
  9. Definitely!!!..keep fingers crossed for the violet work to be released (of course with silver GH):yahoo:
  10. I think any bag would be pretty in this color. I am interested in seeing a first, city and twiggy.
  11. which style did you decide on?

  12. I will go for Twiggy:yes: ...Part time is the great style as well :yahoo: I already have GH marine PT and like to wear it on my shoulder...so it's the Twiggy turn for this time.:rolleyes:
  13. yay, can't wait to see pics! Mine is arriving today!