which style is for aqua and sandstone?

  1. I'm so unsure :s which style to go for aqua and sandstone. I saw pics from other threads and really like GH aqua in the work and sandstone in the city:drool:

    buttt...one of my mind said aqua may be gorgeous in RH twiggy and also sandstone in RH work. I've got GH marine part time. So, i'm thinking whether i should put more money in GH, as it seems to me tht RH is more of a classic style (i mean last longer).:wlae:

    which option should i go for? :confused1:

    1 GH aqua in work + sandstone city
    2 aqua in twiggy + RH sandstone work
    (i wanna buy one work....:love: )

    any other alternatives?:idea:
  2. I think aqua Twiggy and sandstone Work. I bet the sandstone would be gorgeous in a Work.
  3. Given the choices I'd go for the Sandstone work and aqua Twiggy...

    If it were up to me, I'd get the Sandstone Work in GH and the Aqua City in GH :smile:
  4. I'm w/ Powder, #2..that would be stunning..
  5. #2 all the way!!
  6. Wellll...thksss for all inputs...

    i'll definitely go for sandstone work...which one is better GH sandstone work or RH???

    for aqua,,,i've got BI in mid afternoon...should i sell it to get aqua or keep both? i personally believe tht aqua 'll be more beautiful than BI IRL. (after reading other threads,,,i found out tht many think BI and Aqua are too similar)
  7. #2!!
  8. My vote:

    Sandstone/Argile in the Work with Giant Hardware (just look at the nice combo in the pic below)


    And aqua in twiggy or city with classic hardware (the giant hardware is really :supacool: bright with the already bright colors) - aqua/cobalt is 2nd from left


  9. OMGGGGGG....i'm more confused now...:wtf: ....yeahhh GH sandstone is also TDF in the Day...well now i'm thinking....

    sandstone RH/GH work orrr GH day...
    pretty sure that aqua is for twiggy....:roflmfao:
  10. I'm sure the Sandstone with Giant hardware in the Work would be equally gorgeous as the Day....plus you NEED :graucho: a Work (I prefer the Work style myself)
  11. i would go w/ #2 :smile:
  12. YAY!!

    I just think the Sandstone Work with GH will look D-I-V-I-N-E
  13. I vote for Sandstone in Work with GH, and Aqua in a twiggy.... Sandstone looks awesome with GH!!! :yes:
  14. I would opt for the regular hardware. I think the sandstone would be amazing in the work as well. So, #2 sounds perfect.