Which style is better for amethyst? city or twiggy?

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which style for amethyst?

  1. City, it's always pretty

  2. Twiggy, so cute with bright colours

  3. There is another style that suits Amethyst way better

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hello bbag experts, I couldn't stop thinking about amethyst since I saw it IRL. It's so bright and probably not very wearable, but soooo cute!

    I'm thinking of getting an amethyst bbag, but couldn't make up my mind. Can you guys tell me which style that you think suits amethyst better and why? I feel like something medium-sized recently, so I'm debating between twiggy and city. Please help!
  2. My vote goes to the City, but I am biased because I just bought an Amethyst City last week! The color is definitely vibrant and rich, but I think with regular hardware, it's beautiful on the City....with just the right amount of "pop." :tup:
  3. My vote goes to the city...it is always pretty, and since I am not a super fan of the twiggy the city gets my vote,

  4. I think the twiggy would look great in a POP of colour though a City would look as great in Amethyst.
  5. I think they both would look great, it really just depends on what size you like. I personally prefer the City, so I'd go for that one! good luck!
  6. Do the city!!!!
  7. Oh the city definitely! I am not a twiggy fan though.
  8. twiggy twiggy twiggy!
  9. You guys are brilliant! I saw in the vote that it's pretty even. I checked 3 times and the vote is city:twiggy 4:4, then 5:5, then 7:7. How strange is that?!

    City seems to be slightly favoured in the reply messages tho.

    Please keep it coming and I'll force myself to decide tomorrow!
  10. i personally think the city is the perfect bal size so i'd definitely choose that! .. eitherway though, amethyst looks great in twiggy =)
  11. I think they are both wonderful in Amethyst. However, what do you have in your collection so far? I decided to buy (and vote) for the Amethyst in Twiggy. City is my favorite style, however, I choose the Twiggy style is because I already have several City (one in Bubble Gum pink) so I thought i'd go for a Day or Twiggy, just for some variety in my collection. Plus, I like how the really bright colors look in this shape. I found a nice Twiggy from a fellow tPF'er, so I went for it. Good luck!
  12. I think both would be lovely and it depends on what size and shape bag you want.
  13. I think it's adorable in the Twiggy!
  14. For some reason, I prefer the Amethyst on Twiggy style.:yes:
  15. Both are gorgeous! i guess i'm no help!!!!