Which style in Black w/GH?

  1. I would love to hear everyone's opinions on which style of city, work or part time would look best in black with GH. Also if anyone has a picture of a black work with GH that would be great. It's the only style I haven't seen a picture of and I'm curious to see it and compare. Thanks :smile:
  2. Can I go down a different path? Just to confuse you even more?

    The BRIEF!

    I loooooooove the Brief with GH!
  3. ^Yeah, I didn't list the brief as one of the choices purposefully because I do not like that style. :smile:
  4. from what I've seen, I'd say: work
  5. I vote for the City w/GH...I feel like the Work would be BIG hardware plus BIG bag=too much. Just my personal opinion. I have a huge jones for the City :yes:

    Edited to add: Take a peek at Diabro.net. They have different styles to compare and contrast. I drool often there.
  6. I am going to say City as well. Many here find that the GH overwhelms the City but I don't think so at all. The City is just such a perfect bag and even better with the GH because it has a larger front pocket (big deal to me!). I love the Work but it's not a practical everyday bag for me personally, too big.
  7. I have the City with GH and it's beautiful! The GH does not overwhelm the bag.

    I was looking at the City and the Day. The city was more striking so that's what I bought.
  8. I think the Part-time looks best if you're x'ing out the Brief.
  9. I say City (but I also love the Brief!) ;)
  10. I think a City would be nice :yes:
  11. I like both City and Part Time but the problem with city is that the handles are too small for my shoulder and I am a shoulder gal. I would vote for PT.