Which style for my gramma?

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  1. My grammy just loves my Toki bags - she gets so excited when she sees them and she thinks they're all so cute so I decided to try to get her one for Christmas, but I'm not sure what style would be the best for her. I think the Buon Viaggio, Zucca or Gioco would be way too big for her. I am leaning towards a Mamma Mia or a Bambinone. She is very petite - 5'1" and about 105 pounds. What do you all think? I know she carries her checkbook, lipstick, her glasses in a case and a change purse style wallet.

    I am totally a big purse person myself so I have no experience at all with the smaller bags. :lol:
  2. I say Bambinone, it's a nice size for carrying the essentials and has a cute boxy-ness that I kind of associate with grammy purses.
  3. maybe a stellina??
  4. lol your grandma and mine are the same.. My grandma LOVES tokidoki. In fact I was thinking of selling my Transporto Zucca and get a Trasporto Campeggio so I went to the store and bought one. I was talking to my mom and asking her with one should I keep (I was holding both) and my grandma walks in and says she loves the Campeggio. She's always loved all my campeggios but LOVED the Trasporto because she said that since its not as bright as the others she can pull that one off. So I gave it to her. She loves it. This was 2 days ago. She loves big bags like me and she 73.. hehe.. I'm not a fan of small bags but bambinones are cute... Maybe Ciaos are better since it holds more print? I dont know.. But good luck and I bet your grandma will love anything you get her... :yes:
  5. If that's all she carries, she could rock a Dolce. :yes: or Bambinone if she prefers the longer strap.
    I have a BV, but I don't know what the MM is like, so that might be a good option too. :shrugs:
  6. I love your story. It is so cute!
  7. bambinone or stellina...very hands free and convenient....PERFECT for grandma :tup:
  8. I'm going to say get her a bambinone.... I think its more practical because the strap can adjust more than the stellina, and she can wear it across shoulder or shorten it if she wants, which she doesn't have as an option with the mamma mia... Plus you can get some great deals on bambinones!
  9. lol thank you.. I am going to see if I can take a pic of her with her new toki.. hehe :yes:
  10. my grandma currently wears a stellina-like purse, but it's just a normal lesportsac print (i think it has sea creatures on it). anyway, she likes it because of the 2 front pockets which enables easy cell phone access :smile:
  11. ooh how sweet of you!
    my grandma lectures me when i wear my tokidokis - she thinks i am too old for them hahaha

    i would recommend a stellina, or a ciao - i never really believed in having bags that fits your items just right...
  12. i don't know if this is a silly idea -- but do you think she may have a hard time with the over the body type bags (stellina, bambione, etc). i guess she can wear as a shoulder bag, but, it seems like i'd get her a shoulder bag.

    to be honest, i'm 5'1 and average size, and i find the straps of the mamma mia too short and they fall alot.

    so, i'm not sure what that leaves. :smile: sorry, i'm no help!
  13. I'm 5'1", and the bambinone is perfect for me.
  14. I'm 5'6" and 105 lbs, and I have no problem with the straps staying on my shoulder.
  15. Not that I'm getting my grandma a tokidoki but my aunt (she's 54) loves tokidoki. At first she was just looking for them for me since she lives in NYC and I live in the land of no-tokis. But now she loves them! She goes to stores just oogling at the toys and the characters. She's been a toki buddy to me...and now I want to get her one...she's been carrying a fake around...she can't afford to get a real one muchless I don't think she's ever spent so much on a bag either. But for her Christmas/birthday...I found her a Trasporto BV. It's a big bag and she's a petite woman but she likes having room to throw things in. I hope she likes!