Which Style For A Conservative Office?

  1. I'm starting a new job in January at a law firm and want to base my purchase of an '08 color on the style that would suit the environment. I want a brighter bag, preferably the new Magenta. However, I'm also looking at the Vert Thyme. I just need something in which I can put my basic purse stuff (check book size wallet, sunglasses, eyeglasses, lip balm and two coin purses); a style that will look classic but slightly trendy. Any suggestions???

    TIA! :smile:
  2. Definitely a Work style bag for the office, not sure which 2008 colour though?! I would have suggested Plomb!
  3. ^^ ditto :tup:
  4. I'd suggest a City as it's big enough for what you need and it has a shoulder strap. As for color, either black/plomb or one of the new 08 colors.
  5. The new violet step is gorgeous if you want something from the purple family.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions so far!!! I'm nervous about the Work merely because I'm a shorter woman and it's a big bag. I've also been wanted something that hangs from my shoulders. I love the Purse style but that's been discontinued. I've also been looking at the Day but I'm not sure how that will look with a suit and translate to the office environment.
  7. City!
  8. I am an attorney and I think the Work, City or Brief would all look great in a conservative law firm environment. I am buying a Black City with Giant hardware to wear to work, and will eventually get a Work too. We are business casual at my firm.
  9. What about the City? The one in your avatar looks perfect! :smile: Or are you wanting to branch out to a different style? In that case, I think the Day might be nice, but in a bright color it would probably be too much and I would stick w/the City.
  10. I think a City or a Step! The step was sophisticated and I was able to wear it as a shoulder bag too. I am 5'6. You might be able to find a Step in a dark color,maybe plomb or black?
    Good luck, let us know:yes:

  11. I love the Day. I'm tall (5' 9") and I feel this bag is long for me, but I love the long look of it. I think a City would work best for you, and as much as I love the giant hardware, I think maybe the original smaller hw would be more conservative. Or I would do a more subdued color with GH, or a bold color with small hardware.
  12. If you're looking for a shoulder bag that slighty trendy, you may want to consider the new "Slim" or the Part-time. Did you want regular hardware or GH?
  13. The Work is obvious, but it's very big, so I'm actually going to say the Brief or the Part Time. AND, I would suggest going with the Giant Hardware, since the tassels, while gorgeous, are somewhat less professional.
  14. The step would be great too!
  15. i would say a step or a part time! the step is a smaller alternative to the city and the part time is just an overall great shape. i love the day but i use it more as a casual bag because of its slouchiness. i'm not sure if magenta would be the color i would use for work (i myself used black or brown).