Which style do you prefer: New or Worn?


How do you like your bag?

  1. Worn with little marks of "love"

  2. Perfect - no signs of use

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  1. Okay so most of you all now that I'm having some issues with the corner hardware of my white MC speedy and keepall and 2 of my l'fab's. I'm still awaiting to see if these corners can be replaced.

    I spoke with my SA today and she said that she emailed the pictures to "Quality" and they'll get back to here if this is a "defect" or if it's normal wear. Granted these areas of "silver" where the gold finish has come off are small and unnoticable, - I have an acutely trained eye to see minor flaws, we are talking like 0.2 mm flaws (I'm a dentist and I were telscoping lens all day to drill and fill people's teeth. I notice the small stuff, it's a side effect of the job :shame:smile: so these stand out like a "sore thumb"- But the fact is I know it's there and if it can be fixed I want it fixed. I asked the SA if she thinks I should have the corners fixed and she said I should leave it because she prefers bags that looks like they've been worn.

    Hmmm...maybe I'm missing something!:idea: See I feel so awful because I've marked up my bags that I've spent lots-o-money (I baby my bags like they are a dozen eggs!!) Maybe I should love the marks as they are a sign of my love for the bag?!??

    So my poll question is do you prefer new and PERFECT or worn with little love marks?

    Sorry for the novel post but as you all now I'm a little on the OCD side and since I found this place the money I could spend on a therapist, now goes into my purse savings :lol::lol:
  2. I like signs of love and use. I think it brings character to the bag.
  3. Depends on the bag. I think that Suhali looks best new, but mono looks good a little worn with honey patina.
  4. I like my bags to look new. Patina is okay but marks would drive me crazy.
  5. I think LV looks SO MUCH better with age!!!:love:
  6. I like my bags new. LV's look better with more use but I want to be the only one who gives it TLC. :biggrin:
  7. I don't blame you at all. I am the same as you, if I spend money on something like a LV bag I don't want anyone or anything touching it. I know thats a little anal but still....there it is. If I got a mark like that on my bags that would bug me so much that I would have to have it fixed. Hey you paid alot of money for those bags and I don't think the finish should be coming off or chipping or scraching or anything like that! So, keep on your SA to find out. Good luck!!!
  8. I LOVE brand new!!!
  9. I prefer brand new BUT if I get a good deal on a used on in good conditon I would love that too.

    Just not sloppily used. (Is that a word?) :lol:

    IMO some bag looks better with the white vachetta (like MC pieces) and some I prefer with patina b-cus they look better.
  10. I think that I need to clarify my question...I don't mean would you rather buy a new or used bag...What I'm trying to ask is AFTER you buy a brand new bag would you rather it stay in perfect mint condition like it's never been used or have signs of use (obvioulsy you wouldn't purposly damage your bag but accidents).

    Basicly - Do you have a panic attack if your bags gets a small unnoticable mark on it?
  11. ME TOO!
  12. I love my bag when it is brand spanking new!!!
  13. i'd love for my bags to always look new. i may be weirdly anal, but i really don't like the patina, and i try really hard not to get scratch or scuff marks on my bags. i use Shining Monkey liberally, and if there were a way to STOP -- not just delay -- the patina process, i'd do it.

    weird, no?
  14. Well personally I love my bags in perfect condition b/c I'm just anal-retentive like that. :biggrin: My question is that the SA bombarded you w/ HER own preference vs. picking up on the cues that you don't like them. If she likes the little nuances of worn bags, that's fine but it's your bag so if they honestly bug you, see if you can get them fixed or buffed, etc. It's your hard earned $ that have gone into these bags so you should be 110% w/ them, you know?;)
  15. Ditto!