Which style do you like better??

  1. Hey girls!
    You are all my new best friends! :yahoo:
    I am wondering which of these two styles you like better, or what opinions you have of this style?? I have only seen it onine, but I love the looks, and the braiding, and the openness on the top! Let me know what you think, thanks so much!!
    coachbrown.jpg coachwhite.jpg
  2. Are you going to order it directly from coach? I really love the dark mahogany color. I have the flap in that style w/ the braiding & exact color. I love it I just bought another in the lilac signature w/ white trim. May I ask how much it is..they are absolutely gorgeous & roomy?
  3. I would go with the first one.
    The dark leather is TDF!
  4. oohh.. what does the flap look like?
    I have only seen these on ebay, I can't find them on the coach website but I am sure I could call.. they are a lot cheaper on ebay, but I don't want to risk a fake! I would definately post anything here before I buy... decisions decisions
    I agree, I think the dark brown is so rich and beautiful.. I like the white cause' it is fun and adds some character, but the brown bag would definately be more versatile, especially in the winter. Thanks girls! I would love more opinions on this bag or similar bags!
  5. I love the one with the darker leather. Gorgeous!
  6. Even though I love white, I like the first bag better!
  7. I like the first bag better as well.
  8. I prefer the dark leather, too. I love the "antiqued" leather Coach has been using lately.
  9. First one for me.
  10. Oh, they did take down the flap from their website, I didn't notice until you said something. I always thought when it was a signature classic, it stays up & keeps selling for like ever. I thought wrong! It's definately not as big as the bag you posted. I'll post both my flaps..
    2006_0612Image0005.jpg 2006_0731Image0002.jpg
  11. 1st
  12. first!
  13. I love white too, but I like the first one much better. I have a coach hobo in the camel(i think that's what its called) color, and I absolutely love it.
  14. I like the first one better too.
  15. I really like both...but, since we are coming up to the Fall Season, I would go with the First.