which style do you guys think the giant looks best in?

  1. hey guys!

    any thought one which style the GH looks best in?

    also...does anyone have the marine with the GH! it looks gorgeous but i havent see it in real life! and do you guys think its harder to dress down with bbags given the giant gold hardwares? thanks!!! :yes:
  2. honestly, i think the brief.
    so far i've only seen a GH in city and brief IRL, so between those two, i'll go for the brief.
  3. I think work size
  4. I'm getting a white City with GH -- and I was surprised to see how beautiful the GH is on it. And I'm also getting a natural GH Brief -- a large bag, but the shape is unique and interesting. When they arrive I'll decide which one to keep!

    It also looks nice in the Work, but the heavy GH feet cause the bottom to slouch downwards A LOT. A lot of people prefer that downwards slouch look, but it's not really my cuppa tea.

    I do think the GH dresses up B-bags a teeny bit, but not so much that you have to bust out your finest clothes. Overall, it would still be a casual bag due to the slouch and styling.
  5. Me too! In photos the GH seems to overwhelm the bag but in person it looked very similar to the part-time and was stunning. I saw the City in Aqua with GH and it was TDF!!!
  6. I think the city looks great in the GH, I REALLY want french blue in the city in GH:drool: .
    Does anyone have it? I love to see some more photos:p
  7. I saw this exact bag at NM SF just the other day. I almost died. Rarely do bags have that effect on me, but that particular color/style combination was magical! I'm hoping someone here gets one!
  8. The Day! And then the Work! :nuts:
  9. I like the giant city
  10. I have marine day with GH. I would definetely recommend marine with GH! I think the combination of that delicious dark blue and gold is amazing. IMO a more neutral colour as marine and natural works really well with GH. But aqua and vert gazon is also TDF... Heck I love them all.. Actually I NEED them all :graucho:
    Stylewise I really like GH on the day, city, PT and work.
  11. I love GH on the CITY and Brief.

    Personally I'm not crazy about the new Hobo. It looks matronly to me.

    Day is hot too, but I prefer day with RH.
  12. Are we twins? I could've written your post word-for-word!!! :p
  13. Me too! I couldn't put it down, so I bought it. As silly as it sounds, I still look at it and touch it every night...:blush:
  14. You got it?! :yahoo: Please post pics when you can! Lucky lady, you!