which style bbag will fit a A4 file/papers?

  1. Hi! I'm a newbie to bal bags, and bought the make up clutch and coin purse in cornflower recently. I've now fallen in love with the leather which is light, and the beautiful colours. I'd like to get something to use for work, but need to fit in A4 papers. Would the City or Work be suitable? My favourite is the City.

    Also.........saw a truffle First recently for a good price and I'm so tempted..........I passed on a beautiful cornflower First recently, and totally regret it now! But I feel like I should hold out for something larger that I can use for work.
  2. If you want something to fit in A4 easily you should take the work.. I have a city and a A4 sketchbook gets in but just if in the bag is not much stuff. There is also the thing that in the city the A4 "papers" can be "bent" a bit.
  3. City works perfectly for my folders/papers/binders/mags
  4. If you want to carry papers/files & other stuff with ease then get the work for sure. I cannot imagine putting my wallet/make up bag/cheque books, agenda & A4 fils into my City way too cramped.
  5. Don't have a City, but I know the Work is def big enough to hold files and magazines! And it still looks good, cos there's still room for a lil bit of slouch :yes:
  6. A Part Time seems like it would work good and then you could use the shoulder strap.
  7. Can A4 papers fit into the new brief?
  8. thanks for the replies! :yes: sounds like it's a possibility with the city but with not much space. I will check out part-time as well.......didn't realise that it would fit in A4 too.
  9. The following is the *unbelievable* amount of stuff that somehow managed to get into my city:
    A4 folder x1
    A4 notepad x1
    Long wallet
    Lighter, lipgloss, and a mascara scattered around
    (sometimes) a pair of ballet pump

    I know..it's amazing :biggrin:
  10. Afternoon will be great too, and it is "compartmentalised" (if that's something you prefer). You can wear it on your shoulder but no strap. hope this helps!

    Julie, how on earth do you fit in soooo many things in your city?? Last I tried to fit in some A4 docs, I had to put them in vertically so half of the docs were sticking out....(so unglam I know, but I was juggling a baby too!)
  11. The Bowling easily fits A4 papers