Which Style Bag Was A Tdf, But Irl Wasn't Right For U!!


Needing my PURSE fix
Jul 30, 2006
The first bag I bought was a city, caramel 06 with clutch and compagnon to match....loved them all. I never really felt that comfortable with the city as a shoulder bag, strap was way too short (shoulder is what i prefer), but all in all, loved the texture and look of the caramel city.

Also, bought coin purse in ink, no prob. loved that to.

Then decided to branch out:graucho: , this is where my trouble began. Bought a first (too small) twiggy (to long) weekender (handles way to short, handbag only) then realized "I AM THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN ON BAGS THAT AREN'T WHAT I WANT!!!!"

Met up with a great friend, did a little exchanging, and whola: the purse is right for me. Comfortable on shoulder, not to big....great!


Trying now to sell first (weekender part of above mentioned trade) DESPERATELY WANT 04 PURSE WITH PEWTER, BUT i have found this out after SO MANY MISSES!!!!!!

Isn't there a better way??????? How many misses have you had????? what do you do with your "misses"

thanks :heart:
First......too small. It felt like a kids bag to me. I love my flat brass but the strap is way longer.
The Day I didn't like. Too hard to find things, strap hurt my shoulder, BUT I am thinking of getting one and giving it another chance. They are affordable on ebay and often they are the only bags I see in the colors I want. I might give them one more chance. Love the City, Twiggy and Box.
The purse just didn't suit my shape at all and the Weekender was too big for me. So far I am having success with the City and First and occasionally use the Day. Am loving the Mini Classique for nights out. My next big purchase will be a Work as long as I can use it as a handbag (I am a handheld bag girl for the most part)..
love twiggy & the city... first is cute, but def. not for everyday!!!!
My first attraction was the first, and never knew it was this small... but still love it!
I've been very careful about analyzing my bag needs. My first bag was a First because I was looking for something for evening, and I don't carry a lot of stuff when I go out -- just wallet, cell phone, lip gloss, keys, maybe a small paperback to read while waiting for the bus/subway. But the First is kind of small for, say, an afternoon out with friends, where I might buy a CD and want to put it in the bag, plus a bottle of water, etc., so then I bought a Twiggy. The Twiggy's a great size (yes, it's a little long, but I'm tall so it's okay) but just a little small if I wanted to carry all of the above plus a change of shoes, or a bottle of wine to a party, etc., so my next purchase will be a City.

I don't think I'm going to be able to go larger than a City -- though I love the Mid-Afternoon and some of the larger bags. I just don't carry enough.

So basically I'm trying to avoid the problem of buying the wrong size by inching up step by step. At some point (maybe with the City) I'll be at the largest bag that makes sense for me and I'll just have to live with it.
The work...to big no shoulderstrap. City and Day are perfect my accessories are big (wallet/cosmetic pouch) and easy to find. Keys and cell etc. fit easily in the outer innner pocket which are bigger than the cities...!!!
Hubby prefers the city...my daughters the Day. I love both!
I would like to give the first a try but fear I will regret it!:confused1:
Great Thread! Tried the first, way too small for what I carry on a daily basis. Tried the Day- abyss is an accurate description for me, love the way it looks though. I will stick to the City as it is the right size, like Goldilocks said, not too big, not too small, it is just right.