which strap

  1. help me to decide. my new pochette monogram rivet needs a long strap for hands-free use. which strap is better, the thin cowhide? normal size cowhide strap? of the moonogram strap?:confused1:
  2. I have the Monogram strap. Here is what I think is good and bad about the Mono Strap.

    The good: no Vachetta to worry about

    The bad: now if I want to get other Pochettes (which I do) it will look funny using a mono strap with a azur pochette.
  3. I like the think strap.
  4. thks.
    funny thing is, i ask my sis in law to buy for me in singapore. but the SA in singapore does not know what i mean. and told my sis in law that monogram riveting pochette accesories can not use the strap.
    fellow tpfer from singapore, how is the price of LV there comparable to hongkong?