Which strap to make pochette into a crossbody

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  1. Which strap would I need to make my mono pochette into a crossbody bag?

    Also, are there any other websites besides annsfabulousfinds and yoogiscloset that sell used LV? I would prefer to find a strap preowned before purchasing new.
  2. I'm also curious about this.
  3. Have a look on the pochette clubhouse from around page 140 there is lots of info about a seller on eBay that does great chains, I got one of these

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  4. I have that chain and love it!!!! I use it on my mini pochette and plan on using it for my up coming purchase of the Favorote in DA.

    OP this is a great and more economical route to go.
  5. I purchased a cross body strap from ebay also, but not a chain. The seller is valuebeltsplus and they have a huge selection including vachetta. My strap was around $14 - I can't justify paying $250 - $300 for a strap from LV.

  6. Guys, the SA that served my mom and I in Singapore recommended the Adjustable Shoulder Strap VVN which is on the LV website. :smile: Hope that helps. I got a lot more use out of my Pochette Accessories NM because of this strap!

  7. Could you post a picture of the strap please? And also a mod picture if possible? TIA
  8. I use my speedy b strap but I'd like to buy one of those chains.
  9. No problem - please excuse the sweater, just hanging around the house!


  10. Thank you for the picture. Is this the 1 cm strap? And how about the length on this. May I ask how tall are you. I m 5'4 and trying to decide which length I want.
  11. I have the Shoulder Strap VVN to my pochette. It's not adjustable but it works for me anyway! I'm using it a lot more now with the strap.
    Check out Thebrownpaperbag.net. I saw they had a strap on sale a few days ago!
    Hope you find one soon :smile:
  12. I'm 5'9 and this is the 1cm strap. I believe it comes in different lengths too.
  13. Hi pmoua,
    would you mind posting a pic of you wearing the mini pochette crossbody with the chain strap?

    so curious how this looks as i am thinking of getting the trunks and locks mini pochette also to wear it crossbody... TIA!!!

  14. What bag is this? It's sooo cute!!