which strap is the best?

  1. four different colours of straps have I found on louisvuitton.com

    1. cannelle
    2. ebene
    3. ivoire
    4. moka

    which one is the best for an speedy mono? what do you think?:idea:

    cannelle.JPG ebene.JPG ivoire.JPG moka.JPG
  2. Cannelle! It'd be the closest match to the existing leather on your mono =)
  3. Actually, I would recommend either a vachetta strap or a monogram adjustable strap for a mono Speedy. Go to the LV store - I think the vuitton.com doesn't show all of the strap choices.

    The straps that you mentioned go to other LV purse lines. Example: the ebene strap (which I have) would be used with the ebene Damier Speedy or Damier Alma.

    The ivoire strap looks like it has silver hardware, so I believed it would be used with the ivoire Epi Speedy/Alma.
  4. cannelle
  5. thanks !:smile: