Which strap for Trouville?

  1. I once saw a girl carrying a Trouville with a vechetta strap across her body, it was so cute! Which strap should I use with the Trouville?

    This one? Or is there a wider/thicker one? I prefer vechetta over monogram. Thanks.

  2. I guess that one yes I think the buckle would fit
    u have to see that because I don't think that one works with a noe for the size of the rings in the noe

  3. I have a vachetta strap from a few years ago that I use with my Speedy but it's not adjustable. Check with the boutique to see if they now make vachetta adjustable straps. I have to say that my strap looks a bit dirty - it rubbed against my black leather jacket. I also have a mono adjustable strap that I use with my Deauville but can also use with my mono Speedy. The mono strap only has a small piece of vachetta used as a loop (like a belt loop).