Which stores will be carrying the matte white

  1. Luxury bags?

    I called my Neiman Marcus and was told they did not order any luxury bags in matte white for Neiman Marcus. Is that true or just misinformation?
  2. maybe thier store didn't? My NM SA looks in her book and it only shows how many of each color her store is getting. . .
    I do know they can look in the computer to see who has what currently, but I don't know if they can see if other stores are getting something different{?}
  3. Right, my store can look in their book also to see what was ordered for their store. However, she made it sound like none of the Neiman Marcus stores had ordered the offwhite matte luxury bags.
  4. hmmm. . . you should call another NM and see if you get the same answer. . . I guess that would clear it up.
    You can call the one in Plano, TX and ask for Shannon. She's my SA and specializes in Chanel and is uber-healpful:yes:
  5. Wow, just got off the phone with Chanel 1-800# and she said that none of the free-standing Chanel boutiques ordered any of the luxury bags in white matte.:shrugs:
  6. Yes, I was told that as well:rant:
  7. Misinformation!! I got my off-white matte at Neimans!!
    If you want, you can call my SA. Call the Neimans in Minneapolis and in the women's shoe department, ask for Bob. He's great! I buy all of my Chanels from him! ;)

    Edited to add: Different stores get different bags. In order to get a bag from a different place, you need to have your SA order it into the store.
  8. Its true. Each Department Store orders particular bags based on what their Buyer deems hot and desirable. My buyer at NM here in Tampa decided metallics were too trendy and ordered the outdoor bags and some others from Act I. They did have a matte white bowler though from what the SA told me. Her name is Karen and she is awesome.
  9. Thanks ladies. I'm gonna follow-up with other Neiman Marcus and Saks stores.
  10. Also, I saw a matte white luxury line tote at Bloomingdales in NYC last week, you can ask for Nel, he's really helpful.