Which stores ordered the Click?

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  1. Hi, I was wondering which department stores ordered the Click? NM, Barneys, BG, Nordstrom? I'm looking for one prob in Bois de Rose. I know that AR had it but they are sold out of it in BDR. And the Bal boutiques didn't seem to have ordered that color. Thanks for any help! :smile:
  2. I haven't seen the Click in any dept stores ( Neimans, Barneys or BG). As of last week, Bal NY had 3: Black, Anthra and Sang, but no BDR. :hrmm:
  3. ^Thanks for your response. Yea, I tried asking Barneys and NM, they didn't seem to have it. The Click seems to be hard to find! It's so pretty in BDR too...
  4. Uh sorry, but for my education, what does The Click look like? Anybody have a picture?
  5. Here's a photo from RealDealCollection (this is, like, the cutest Bal accessory EVER IMO!) :nuts:

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