Which Stores Carry Mulberry

  1. could anyone tell me if Neimans or Nordstroms carry mulberry bayswater bags? thanks;)
  2. Good question! I'd like to know the answer to that! There are two Mulberry stores in New York City. I've seen Mulberry in Saks in New York, but nowhere else. Hard to find these days.
  3. That is very true, if you are in NY or LA, apparently there are Mulberry stores and Netaporter has the Bayswater right now, but otherwise, you order from Mulberry online via UK. I have seen Mulberry in Nordstrom, but only the new styles, not the classics which are the ones I want, i.e. Bayswater and Roxanne. Someone said they saw Bayswater at Nordstrom but that's not the case where I am. I was also in Nordstrom and Bloomingdales in SF and there weren't any there either. I am planning on Netaporter in a few weeks.:s
  4. thanks, gatsby:smile: i've never seen the bag. i guess if i had to, i would purchase from netaporter...just didn't want to return to netaporter and settle with a store credit due to the no refund policy.
  5. Gatsby, the Nordstrom in Valley Fair San Jose has (or used to have) Mulberry. It might be a bit far for you to drive down to the South Bay. I should go check them out tomorrow, haven't been there for a while.
  6. The Bayswater is a great choice, i got mine last year in the Darwin leather, and it looks amazing now.
    I'm in England, so don't have trouble finding a store, but hey... you have Macys, Bloomingdales, Abercrombie... oh and great boutiques. which really is far better..
    Net a porter is a great suggestion though.
  7. I'd love to know if anyone has found Milberry in any US outlet stores?/
  8. Someone posted about finding a couple of them at Nordstrom Rack, in San Leandro, CA. Any NR near you?
  9. i think mulberry hasn't sold well in the us so neiman's has stopped carrying it and some nordstroms carries a limited selection. i believe saks has stopped too -- all the bags at my store went on sale and i haven't seen new ones.
  10. They have their flaghsip Mulberry stores in Ny- in or near Bleeker Street and on Fifth Ave
  11. When I last checked a couple of months ago, Mulberry was no longer carried in Neiman Marcus, Saks, or Bloomingdale's in San Francisco and there was a small selection at Nordstrom in SF. But on a more recent visit to Nordstrom I see that they've put more Mulberrys out for display, especially the newer styles like the green Smithfield. A sales associate also told me that they have more styles in the back but they rotate them because there isn't enough room to display everything.
  12. I saw a few Mulberry at Nordstrom today too. Some with snakeskin look, or real snakeskin. But no Bayswater.
  13. In the UK they could always be bought in high end department stores: Selfridges, Harrods, John Lewis, House of Fraser etc as well as lots of little shops but from what I gather Mulberry is not going to be supplying any of these shops anymore. I must say I always thought Mulberry didn't have the exclusivity of say Chloe or Balenciaga because you could just buy them in John Lewis or your local travel goods shop amongst Radley bags etc but I think that it is a shame for all the shops that have been loyal to Mulberry and sold it for years. As Mulberry has taken off over the last few years I think they want it yo become more exclusive and are going to soon just be selling it from their own stores.