Which stores are getting......

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  1. Ok, Joseph just called me to let me know that BG, is not re-buying the DS line for fall 2008.

    I've read some other threads stating that its coming back out for this fall.

    Which stores will be carrying it?

    Seems like every store I call, no one has any idea about the bag, infact they keep thinking I'm refering to the GST!

    Anyways, please help. Thanks!
  2. I'd like to know also. Maybe the boutiques will carry the DS line. This is one bag I'd like to have for fall.
  3. Me too. I wish I got it when I had a chance.
  4. Anyone know which store? Saks? Neimans?
  5. I'm interested in this info too. The Diamond Stitch line has always caught my eye.
  6. thus far nobody knows if it is coming back..sorry :sad:
  7. Did you check w/Chanel Boutiques??,

  8. Yes, I called some of the stores in my area, nobody really knows...

    But I thought I read on here that someone said it was coming back for fall...

    I just wanted to know what SA they heard that from, so I can also contact them.
  9. I think it was on the pre-fall thread that Mon posted and mentioned that the DS was coming back for fall. You could try to contact Brendan at Chanel 57th st. in NYC. That might where she got her info from. He's a great SA to work with. Sorry, I dont' know the phone # to that store off hand.