Which stores are claiming??

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  1. Which stores are claiming to receive the Luxe Bowlers?

    I've called several and no one has any idea about it....
  2. mine had them when I was there last - NM in Plano, TX.
  3. I just want to clarify that I mean the goatskin or deersking black Lux Bowlers.

  4. I believe Chanel Hawaii has the crackled patent arriving for Cruise
  5. ahh, the older ones{?}
    Mine had the patent ones:yes:
  6. You live in Plano --- what a great city and an outstanding school system! :tup: :yes:
  7. Supposedly there are only going to be the crackled patent bowlers.
  8. I saw a long, short bowler and a medium length bowler from the Luxe ligne at my local Ala Moana boutique (Hawaii) this past Friday. One was regular leather and the other was black patent.

    1-808-942-5555 if you want to call in and see. :yes: Judy Chin is great.
  9. OMG! But I already got the Jumbo flap instead. Thanks for the heads up though, I know exactly who is looking for this!
  10. ^I just realized how weird my description sounded lol. If I recall correctly, it was these two bags that I saw:

    One was in regular leather and the other was in patent black. It was the small bowler (the one that's really long, but short) and the other was I believe the medium bowler. I can't remember which was patent and which was regular.