Which store(s) carry Cruise08 Ice Cube????

  1. Hello. I saw a picture of a wallet that appeared to be from the new Ice Cube collection. It was a metallic silver, fold-over style wallet with small raised squares (like ice cubes) all over the front and a large CC across the front. The squares were smaller than those on the Ice Cube bag that I have seen but still very similar. It was about 7"X4". I called NM last night and she didn't think they would be getting any wallets so I wondered if maybe Saks was getting them? Any help????? I posted this over in Chanel Shopping yesterday and got absolutely nothing. Someone has to know something...
  2. Try bloomies, and Chanel boutique/SCP has it too.
  3. Chanel Boutique's already have them in stock!!! Call Bal Harbor (FL) :yes:
  4. Try the Chanel boutique at Tysons Corner, VA and ask for Indra.