which store is most beneficial to sign up for their credit card?


Sep 5, 2006
for me, saks made more sense. it seems like they have more of the good sales and Gift cards, and other programs that would definitely pay off. neiman marcus doesn't even give you a percentage off when you apply for it.


Jul 11, 2007
I think that Nordstrom has the best credit card. And since their customer service is so great, it's my favorite store. Also, when you reach a certain level of points after purchases, you receive $20 gift certificates in the mail for any purchase. Also, they have various good sales throughout the year which you easily get invited to if you have one of their credit cards.

Just my opinion!


May 3, 2008
I'd personally Say saks because i have experience with that card. The others I havent had experience of.
However, I wouldnt get any unless your going to pay it off in full everymonth. The APR on store cards are killer.


May 13, 2006
My two cents here: Where do you shop the most? As mentioned above if you carry a balance, interest rate is REALLY important. I find no benefit to having a Nordstrom card, though I have had one since probably before you were born :sweatdrop:, their cs is so good and you can find out about their sales easily. You have to spend approx $2000 to get the $20(though special promotions double the points).

I order a lot from Neiman and return a lot to Neiman, so I got their card. Because I order and buy frequently from Saks I get notice of most promos so I am not getting their card. Being a card customer does help when there are issues.


Oct 1, 2007
I can't speak for any of the other stores since I only have a Nordstrom card but I can tell you this: You get a $20 dollar note (basically a gift certificate to the store) when you first sign up for their credit card and spend at least $100.

For every 2,000 points you get another $20 note, and for every dollar you spend at Nordstrom you get 2 points. However, they have private events where they offer 10 points for every dollar spent, so it's not hard to earn 2,000 points.

And, of course, the customer service is unbeatable!


Jun 6, 2007
It depends on a few things:
1. Okay, the obvious. Which store is near you for shopping in person. Otherwise, on-line each store card has different benefits, as noted by others.
2. If shopping in person, go for the store that gives the percentage off the day you sign up. Bloomingdales, Lord & Taylor, and Nordstroms give, I believe, 15% off that day (and sometimes the next).
3. If you're carrying a balance, you need to check the interest rates.

I registered on-line at all the major department stores, and now I get their emails about upcoming sales, etc (in addition to ALWAYS checking here, too). Here's an example of how this worked for me. I wanted the $995 Marc Jacobs Christy that I found at Bloomingdales near me. They had a promotion where for a $5 or $10 contribution, you would get 25% off your purchase that day. That day, I signed up for the Bloomingdale's credit card, and got an additional 15% off (it shows up on the credit card statement). I did this at the other stores near me, after deciding on larger purchases. So I guess my biggest point is to choose a card for a specific purchase so you get that additional one-two day percentage off.