Which Store in Paris

  1. Hi,

    I'm heading to Paris in a few days and I was wondering - which of the Balenciaga stores in Paris is the "better" shopping experience?

    Most likely the BF is going to be with me - I'm hoping to pick up a mini pompon - shade to be TBA and there another yet undecided item from the BF's sister, but will most likely be another purse.

  2. I prefer to go to boutique instead of dept store like printemps / lafayette... Boutique has more stocks...
  3. i strongly recommend la bon marche they always have rare pieces of many brands including bal, bon voyage :biggrin:
  4. ok - thank you for the advice.
  5. LBM is under a massive Reno - bags are currently on the second floor in a separate section from shoes
  6. So sorry I only just noticed this... is it too late to reply? I was looking for Pompons in Paris in September... found Printemps and George V to be the best.
  7. It was a bit too late for me - but others might find it useful
  8. Did you find something nice? ;)
  9. Yup - but I ended getting something else in a more classic style.