Which store in Orlando?

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  1. Hi Ladies, I am new here, mostly a lurker! I am headed to Orlando tomorrow for the weekend and want to hit one of the Coach outlets or boutiques. Would like some feedback on which one of the outlets had the best inventory? And if any of the boutiques were a must visit?

    I appreciate it!
  2. If you have time you can hit both Premium and Prime. They usually have a decent selection. Only boutique I ever went to was the boutique in Florida Mall, which is pretty good. Hope this helps!!!
  3. I was just at Prime tonight.. nothing!! Go to Premium for sure. Report back on any good finds! :0) Good luck.
  4. For the best boutique, you may want to go to the Millenia Mall.

  5. OMG, YES!!! Millenia is AWESOME!
  6. yes millenia mall gets alot of the "better bags" as far as outlets prime has very nice s.a.'s the selection is pretty good. premium gets the most traffic from the tourists in my opinion so is more picked over usually. all in all no matter what outlet you go to early in the morning is best to go
  7. I was going to post almost this exact post this morning too :biggrin:

    Do any of the stores in Orlando carry the Kristin line? None of the stores near me have it, and I've been dying to see and hold some of the bags.
  8. Whenever I was home I would hit both the Prime and Premium outlets. The Prime would have stuff from time to time, but the the Premium had a better selection. I always felt like it was kind of out of the way (Prime is closer to the airport if I recall), but worth the drive sometimes. Have fun! I miss those stores and wish I could go back to them.