Which store has more selections Las Vegas or San Diego?

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  1. Hi,

    Just got the news from dh that we're taking off to Palm Springs, CA for some R & R during spring break. Then we're heading over to San Diego. I'm curious as to which boutigue/city would have the most selections in flaps. I'd love to get a black caviar with ghw but dh is not quite sold on it. He much prefers lambskin.

    Is it worthwhile to even try to make a trip to LV? Or just wait for SD? If anyone can recommend their favorite SA to me that would be wonderful as well. Thank you.
  2. The only Chanel here in SD is in NM and it is SMALL I am going today so I can see if Mariela got more flaps in, last time I was there she was pretty sold out! They do have a Chanel at Saks in Palm Desert off El Paseo. Not sure how big it is though.
    You should probably hit all 3! :smile: Even thought we do not have a Chanel boutique in SD (only in NM) we have LV, Hermes, Jimmy Choo, Gucci etc. so it is worth the trip!

    LV is far better than PD or SD BUT if you come here to SD Mariela is your girl.
  3. Are you referring to NM in Fashion Valley? I like shopping there. lol
  4. Yes Fashion Valley is the best mall in SD IMO.
  5. I don't know about SD, but you sure can't go wrong Chanel shopping in Vegas!
    Compared to the dismal selection in Canada, it's like being in Chanel heaven!
  6. ^ I've noticed your "slithering" companions. lol
  7. haha....yes, and I've got the 'itch' to go back already! lol! We have an $800 credit with Delta burning a hole in my pocket and I keep browsing their site for cheap flights to Vegas. :shame:
  8. West Jet has sale right now, that's why we are heading to CA. I think I will not have a problem convincing dh to visit LV. lol
  9. las vegas is definitely better. Bellagio has a HUGE Chanel store. San Diego only has the small boutique inside NM.
  10. You would be suprised however in Las Vegas how quickly they go through their stock - I was there for New Years and could not find my size in ANY shoe nor the PST that I wanted either - granted Neiman Marcus at FSM was able to fulfill everything that I wanted so don't forget to go there too should you have no luck at Bellagio or the Wynn.
  11. I was actually at NM Fashion Valley last night and they are getting in some of the newer bags along with the classics. There was a great selection. You could always call or e-mail Mariela before you go and maybe she can get what you are interested in before you arrive so you have some nice choices!
  12. ^ Thank you mommy4luke. I just called the store here and they got a returned black caviar ghw. I'll probably go take a look at it before it gets sold again. How much is the M/L black caviar with ghw in the US? It's $28xx Cdn here.

    Wow. This is all happening so fast. I thought I have at least 2 more months to save up. Hmmm...wonder if I can skim off some money from my java fund. hahaha