Which stiletto clogs?

  1. To wear with denim gauchos this Fall? Kors, Dior, Cole Haan, or Miu Miu? I adore them all.

    1) KORS

  2. i like the kors the best!
  3. Me too, they are just gorgeous :love:
  4. Kors!!
  5. Only ones I don't like are the Miu Miu's :smile:
  6. I love those Kors. I tried them on at NM a month ago and they were a tight fit. I didn't get them.
  7. Love the Kors best.

    Miu Miu's are great, too, but more for fun and not as versatile as the Kors.
  8. Wow! Looks like the unanimous consensus so far is for the Kors. I adore the Miu Miu clogs, although I think they would be cuter and more versatile without the shearling. Hands down they would be my favorite with the trim. So now I'm leaning toward the Kors myself. They should be adorable with denim gauchos.

    My first pair of clogs in this style were the Coach Felicity from 3-4 seasons back. I was crazy about these until I got eventually tired of the whole Coach Signature thing. Oh, how I adored them at the time, however. :yahoo:

  9. Me again!

    I jusy found these cute two-piece pumps on Zappos that might also be a cute fit with denim gauchos. What do you think?
  10. I like the last ones, I don't like the ones in your first post but that's just me ;)