Which stage of the patina do you like best?

  1. as for me I like both or...when it is still almost white I want it to darken, and when it is darkened I yearn for the white again :weird: :nuts:
  2. I like it when it's darker. Less worry about getting it dirty.:biggrin:
  3. that's true. at the moment I can't wait for my speedy to turn darker! How long will it take? I don't remember from my Noé...I have it for three weeks now (the speedy) and don't notice any change yet...
  4. I like it light. Just like puppies, I wish it could stay like that forever!
  5. I guess more you use the bag faster it will turn color. I used my Noe every day since I got it and it took almost no time for it to patina.
  6. I've been using it every day since :smile:
  7. I prefer it without patina, or just with a hint of it.
  8. I've been using my Speedy every day for about 3 weeks and it's also getting darker by the day. I really want it to darken up some more but it's taking forever! LOL. I prefer the darker leather because I think it blends better with the canvas.
  9. The level of UV rays will also affect how quick the patina process will be . I find that when I carry my bags in the summer, they patina noticeably faster than when I carry them the same number of times in the winter.
    If you want to speed up the patina process while indoors, you could place your speedy by a small window for a few hours where there is some sunlight shining through. If you do that for a few weeks, you should see a difference.

    As for your first question, the stage of patina I like best depends on the bag. For example, the white MC bags look best with "newborn" vachetta. And interestingly, I also think white MC looks good with a very old patina. On white MC, the patina looks the most unattractive (IMO) when it's in the middle stages.
    Some mono canvas bags definitely look better with more patina - eg, the alma, the bucket bag. Other mono bags can carry off both ends of the spectrum.
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  10. I like it with a very light patina or none
  11. i like the light color cuz it feels new and really soft.. but then the patina, when is dark.. i worry less about cleanliness:smile:
  12. I have to add that I like the dark patina only when I had the piece from the start. wouldn't want to buy a used, darkened bag...
  13. I prefer it dark--the light colored leather causes me too muct worry!
  14. No patina for me...i wish i could stop it!!!:sad2:
  15. Love it when it starts to get darker..
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