Which Spy? Silver/gold, White or Honey?

  1. I returned my Zucca Spy and decided to start searching for an all leather spy.

    (many of you suggested I do that in the first place. But I was hard-headed and bought the Zucca :blink: )

    Anyway, through my persistent researching I have located a white spy, a silver/gold spy and a honey spy. They are all in different stores so I have to choose quick.

    I swear I am the "can you put it on hold? queen". LOL :roflmfao:

    I am really leaning towards the Silver/Gold spy. Its got so much personality and I get so exited reading how happy some of you are with yours....but it costs more than the others :cry: Nearly $400 more. :censor:

    So then theres the honey, which I originally considered before getting the Zucca. I saw a PF member who just bought one last week and posted a pic but now I can't find the thread. If someone has it please post a link here. I want to see it modeled again.

    Lastly theres the white spy. I never intended on looking for this color, but when I called a store looking for another color the SA told me they had one. I'm only considering this b-cuz its a hard to find color. Never seen one IRL.
    Also my LV multicolor speedy is my number one white bag. Don't know if it can share the spotlight with another :lol:

    So help me out Silver/Gold, Honey or White? :hrmm:
  2. i say go for the honey...the color is rich and gorgeous, yet still nice and summery (like the white)...
  3. You know what Im going to say...SILVER/GOLD!!! White would be my next vote! Both are gorgeous.
  4. I love the honey and I will hopefully be getting one soon but the silver/gold and white are pretty as well.

    I think the honey would be easier to maintain though.
  5. I love my new honey ~~ a flamboyant shoe SA at Nordstrom's the other day made me smile when he saw my Spy. He said very enthusiastically : "Great bag--ROCK ON!!!"

    I've seen the white (Bloomie's in Palm Beach Gardens) and was underwhelmed.
  6. hey!!! Now I remember. It was you who posted a pic modeling your honey spy. :yes:

    Can you post that pic to this thread so I can take another look? :yes: :yes:

    I think I already decided against the white spy. So I have to choose between honey and silver/gold.
  7. Coming right up!
  8. Here are all three colors taken from online.
    Help help help:hrmm:

    [​IMG] HONEY
    [​IMG] WHITE

    [​IMG] Silver/Gold
  9. Here's the Honey ~~
    jeans & olivia 021.JPG jeans & olivia 020.JPG jeans & olivia 022.JPG

  10. Oh boy. Now I'm swaying towards the honey spy. Bag looks great on you.

    Quick Sunshine post pics of you an your Spy...steer me the other way :lol:
    Or if anyone else has a silver/gold spy can you post a pic wearing it? Thanks

    You bag looks beautiful in the pic with light colors. :yes:
    Have you worn it with dark colors or black? How does that look?
  11. OK...(insomnia)...LOL!!!
    fendi26.JPG fendi24.JPG fendi27.JPG
  12. I vote for the honey,too :biggrin:

    And Pinkpetunia,you certainly do rock that bag...beautiful!! :love:

  13. OK. You win petunia. :yes:
    The honey spy is on the top of my list now. :love:
    It really helps to see pics of you guys modeling when I can't try the bag on myself (ordering from a different state)

    Those pics are GREAT!!! My waist is not nearly as tiny as yours but I'm sure I can rock it just as well :yes:

    Now if I could only get someone to model the silver/gold............
  14. Okay after all this modeling I do have to admit that I am still ruminating over whether I should have bought the chocolate Spy, instead. :shame: The Honey is definitely the most gorgeous, but I worry about staining it. Like even just with the natural oils in my skin. I've seen it happen with other types of light leather.
  15. Like what the heck is this dark area on this Spy that was purchased preowned??? Looks like a dark spot where an arm would lie across it. I don't want to rain on anyone's parade, though. :sad:
    stain fendi.jpg